Founder and instructor, Amanda Hardin evolved her philosophy from her experience as a competitor on History Channel's television series, "Top Shot." Lipstick Tactical is a company that inspires and empowers. Not only because of the benefits of learning how to protect yourself, but because it's a revelation on how to "become" yourself...without boundaries or fears. It's about confidence and finding out just how much power you have within that has lied dormant. It's not just about shooting guns or learning how to take down a predator, it's about standing up, expanding your boundaries and letting nothing hold you back.

These photos were taken for print interviews; handgun grip was modified to show more of the firearm. These are not examples of, or endorsements by, Lipstick Tactical of proper handgun grip and handling.

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NRA Certified Instructor in:

-Firearm Safety in the Home


-Rifle Instructor

14+ Years of Professional Experience in the Firearms Industry

Nationally Sponsored Competitive Shooter for Black Rain Ordnance Firearms

Contestant on History Channel's television show, Top Shot, Season 3

Concealed Carry Certifying Instructor

SIRT Simulator Instructor

AR-15 Instructor

Registered Nurse (BSN RN)

American Red Cross Instructor

First Aid /AED/ CPR Certified